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Reiki infused Rose Quartz Crystal Yoni Eggs & Wand Set

This set is made up of Natural Rose Quartz Crystal from Brazil that is smooth, rounded and pre-drilled for perfection. The set comes with multiple sizes that are perfect for any kegel exercise. Through out the ages, the egg has symbolized new beginnings, the spark of creation. Specifications – Color: Princess Pink, Rope: 12cm/4.7”, Material: 100% natural rose quartz, Big size: 45 x 30mm/1.8” x 1.2”, Medium size: 40 x 25mm /1.6” x 1”, Small size: 30 x 20mm/1.2” x 0.8” Rose Quartz Wand: ~101mm/4″. Package Include: 3 Pcs x Rose Quartz Crystal Eggs With Rope & Rose Quartz Wand


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