Yoni Healing


Yoni Crystals

Yoni is the Sanskrit name meaning ‘Sacred Place’. In Eastern cultures, it’s used often when referring to the vagina or womb. It’s the seat of generative power and considered as the Source of All.

The natural semi-precious gemstone is inserted into the vaginal canal to aid the health, strength and maintain the youthfulness of the sacred organ. By inserting the egg into the vagina and squeezing the vaginal muscles (as though you are trying to stop the flow of urine), then releasing this helps strengthen, tighten, tones and cultivate sexual energy in the yoni, balancing the yin-yang energy which makes for a healthy reproduction system and body. Small is for women who have mastered the large and medium, and now have the muscular strength to control small yoni egg.

Rose quartz works deeply to open up and balance your Heart Chakra. It represents eternal and unconditional love, and it carries a feminine Goddess energy of compassion, peace, and healing.

Yoni Herbal Steams