Spiritual Readings


Spiritual and Oracle Readings

I am a certified Psychic Medium with a specialty in Spiritual Life Coach/Consulting and Holistic Therapy. I am both academically trained and naturally gifted in each area to assist you.Whether you have a specific question or are seeking general spiritual guidance & support, I will deliver an intuitive Tarot or Oracle spiritual reading that will naturally best support your needs.



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In-person Spiritual Reading (Tarot or Oracle)

My ability to connect with my Angels and Spiritual Guides allows me to send you an detailed in-person reading that will bring clarity, understanding and divine guidance and any other intuitive insight that your angels have been trying to tell you but may have ignored. I will aid you in being able to hear your angel's messages directed to you. I own over 25 different spiritual card decks that is charged with the intention to provide healing in your life, I will deliver a message that is specific to your recent past, current present and near future. Book your in-person reading today for a full spiritual experience! 



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Life Path/ Soul Purpose Phone Reading

In every experience, you will consistently gain universal and emotional skills which will be challenged later on in life. Sometimes we need direction and insight in order to understand the ultimate goal. If you need more clarity and understanding in your life about the path you’re taking to live out your purpose, then the Soul Purpose/ Life Path Reading is a way to find out. The depths of your life path connects to your life’s mission.



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Love/ Relationship Phone Reading

If you’re looking to find clarity and understanding about the potential of a relationship, then the Love, Soul Mate and Partner Reading is best for you. Perhaps, you are interested in pursuing a romantic interest? This reading will help you evaluate your past love situations, reveal your current experiences and take a look into the future. You’ll find the divine consultation and clarity you will need to make the best next steps in your life. (celtic cross tarot + love oracle)



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Career/ Professional Development Phone Reading

Are you looking to start a business or pursue a new job opportunity? When seeking new opportunities, our soul desires to know “Am I making and taking the best step forward?” A Career/ Work/ Business Reading can give you the best prospects for opportunities and help you find the direction you need to make your best decision towards prosperity success and abundance professionally.