Potions & Intention Oils

Natural “Attraction Potion” Oil 1/3 Fl Oz

This potion is an all natural blend of 8 herbs and 12 oils infused with a rose quartz crystal and smudged with wild California roses & white sage to enhance your natural pheromones. The base is honey and olive oil. This is an extremely intoxicating, sensual and romantic floral scent that can be worn as a perfume. When used repeatedly, the smell blends with your own natural hormones and gives off an arousing aroma. Tested and true, this oil is sure to catch the opposite sex's attention. When crossing paths, men will be attracted to your scent. Senses play a vital role in sexual attraction. This scent is seductive. In ancient times, women like Queen Cleopatra created special blends to use their sex appeal as a political weapon. Pheromones are the chemical we emit that attracts a mate. When your natural body emits these hormones, this blend helps with creating an energy that naturally attracts a partner. The concentrations of essential oil in this potion is safe for use on the skin, but please take caution when using essential oils if you are pregnant or have a pre-existing health problem.