Holistic Therapy

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As a holistic therapist, my goal is to help provide assistance to achieve whole-body wellbeing by focusing on the entire body, mind, spirit, and emotions, rather than simply trying to fix one immediate issue. My intuitive abilities, specialty and academia allows me to dig deeper in the whole being of one self. Holistic therapy focus on five parts of a person: Emotional, Mental, Physical, Social, Spiritual. By treating the whole person, I can help you solve ailments that cause others, and increase overall wellbeing and happiness.

If one thing is not right with one part of the person, issues can arise in other areas.

Established in tenets of acceptance and relaxation, holistic therapy draws from multiple forms of therapy, such as:

  • Psychoanalysis –  is a form of therapy for the treatment of various emotional and psychological disturbances.
  • Cognitive behavioral therapy – (CBT) also known as talk therapy, helps people develop positive, self-enhancing thoughts, attitudes, and beliefs toward themselves and the world around them. It has been used to help overcome anxiety, depression, guilt, rage, trauma, chronic pain, addiction, and more.
  • Heart-centered hypnotherapy is a way of influencing and communicating with the subconscious mind from a place of caring, understanding and empathy. The subconcious mind is the place where all of our beliefs and habits are stored.
  • Mindfulness – The practice of mindfulness emphasizes training the mind on what and where to pay attention. It utilizes self-control strategies, reflection, meditation, and counseling, and has been used to help overcome stress, depression, anxiety, chronic pain, insomnia, and low self-esteem.

I am also credentialed in aromatherapy and natural holistic remedies. My various holistic health and therapy certifications has provided the knowledge and wisdom that I need to know about the specific parts of the whole being that I will be working with you on.