Purchase your favorite self-discovery, self-love, self-care and poetry books here

Everyone loves a great read, don’t they? Here on The Modern Soulful Living Bookshelf is where you’ll find our best self-discovery journals, self-development, self-care and/or self-love books created, authored and designed by Miss Dortheá Enriqúe.

Here you’ll also find we’ve compiled a list of the most recommended books for your own personal development and interest from recommendations given to us by our Soulful Living Spotlight Interviews.

Pull up a chair, a cup of tea or a green smoothie and enjoy!

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High Heels & Higher Expectations

Refusing to settle, unyielding ambition, and the constant search for fresh opportunities – these are the defining characteristics of the most powerful and successful women in the world. The reality of it all is that you can do whatever set your mind to do. Our passions give us purpose, but more than that, they make us believe that we have a purpose in our lives. The book High Heels and Higher Expectations is a motivational and inspirational self-help book about the common characteristics of positive role models and women in leadership. Author Dorthea Thomas’s own personal life experiences and her extensive background in psychology and feminism inspired her to write a book about the motivations behind successful, empowered and ambitious leading ladies. Use this book to take charge of your life and empower yourself to the next level! Find your passion and purpose by reading this motivational book today.


Self Discovery Journal

This journal was created with the intention to help you on your journey of Self-discovery. The “Self-Discovery Journal” is a tool to help assist you with discovering and loving your whole self, holistically. As a Creator, I designed, produced and published this journal to help you discover your passions, maintain focus, keep track of your goals, record daily pearls of wisdom, keep track of your book reading, healthy eating and exercise habits. May this journal bring love and light into your life.


A Glimmer of H.O.P.E.

Healing is a birthright to all humanity. Our intricate design was meticulously created to operate in a way, in which our minds and bodies have the ability to heal itself. However, when we began to worry and allow our minds to stress, we create a hostile environment that makes it difficult for the body to achieve wholeness. “Dis-ease” and illness happens when the mind, body, and spirit reaches an unbalanced state. To restore ourselves to our natural order, we must begin by believing and operating in a way that healing is possible; through our own power of being optimistic and spreading positive energy to all things we come in contact with. “Even a tree has more hope. If it is cut down, it will sprout again and grow new branches.”


Obligated Emotions: Poetry for the Soul

Obligated Emotions is a spiritual love story about the trials and triumphs in life, love and happiness all gathered together in a melodic, poetic, and harmonic series of essays and poetry. Since the age of ten, the Author Dorthea E. Thomas has been writing and collecting her thoughts and experiences by expressing herself through poetry and then turning it into art. As her third released published book, the maturity and vulnerability of this masterpiece speaks volumes. Life is all about living in the moment and being present in that feeling. Too often we are taught to reject our emotions, but Obligated Emotions points out that true strength is realized in the ability to express oneself in a positive manner and constructively make changes to grow and develop. Dealing with the mental issues of loved ones and managing her own emotional needs, Dorthea learned how to overcome life circumstances through positive self-expression and a closer relationship with God. Love, pain, joy, heartache and the process of inner self-examination is apart of life and are all obligated emotions… This is just a glimpse of one growing young woman’s. Life is feeling. Feeling is surviving.



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