The 3 Biggest Lessons Learned in 2018

The 3 biggest lessons I had to learn this year was experienced by spiritual trial and error. In all honesty, I experienced a ton of heartache, disappointment and let-downs in general, but in the end I developed an inner strength I wasn't even aware that I had. I am stronger, wiser and better because of … Continue reading The 3 Biggest Lessons Learned in 2018

Help clear your airways and clear your mind with these essential oils #HolisticHealing

Diffuse these oils together to promote clear airways and fill your home with a relaxing aroma that can uplift and clear the mind. 2 drops Eucalyptus 2 drops Tangerine 1 drop Lime      

Holistic Remedies: 3 coconut oil uses for great hair! #EcoHolisticLife

As a Holistic Therapist with a certification in Natural Holistic Remedies, I also enjoy creating new organic and natural products for my own healthy skin, hair and nails. I decided that I wanted to share some of my most favorite beauty recipes.

The 13 signs that made me realize I am a healer

I realized that I was destined to be a Healer when I was constantly attracting broken people and in return I felt broken too. I felt like it was my purpose to fix them. But I had to learn how to heal myself first so that I could help others on their paths as well.

My Journey to Self-Discovery – finding out my DNA Ancestry

Hello Loves, I am so excited to announce my new year's resolution to go on a journey of authentic self-discovery! As a certified life coach, it is my life's purpose to help others discover their inner most desires, aspirations and goals in order to make their dreams a reality. But the first part of radical … Continue reading My Journey to Self-Discovery – finding out my DNA Ancestry