Angel Tarot Readings


Angel Tarot & Oracle Card Readings

I am a certified Holistic Therapist, Life Coach, and Angel Card Reader. I am both academically trained and naturally gifted in each area to assist you. Whether you have a specific question or are seeking general spiritual guidance & support, I will deliver an intuitive spiritual reading that will naturally best support your needs.




Angel Tarot & Oracle Card Reading (SPECIAL)

My ability to connect with my Angels and Spiritual Guides allows me to send you a detailed reading that will bring clarity, understanding and divine guidance and any other intuitive insight that your angels have been trying to tell you but may have ignored. I will aid you in being able to hear your angel’s messages directed to you. I own over 25 different spiritual card decks that are charged with the intention to provide healing in your life, I will deliver a message that is specific to your recent past, current present and near future. Book your reading today for a full spiritual experience!