A world renowned published author, motivational speaker, and eco-justice activist. 

As a passionate eco-justice activist, Ms. Dortheá Enriqúe works as a Just Transition Organizer for the Climate Justice Alliance in the Midwest Region. She is a world renowned published author, certified spiritual life coach and holistic therapist.

A strong proponent of leadership and personal development, she uses her communication and motivating strengths to empower others to reach their greatest potential in life. A three time author, Dortheá released her debut book “High Heels and Higher Expectations: Step out on faith; Expect the Best in your Life” in March 2015, along with her second literary work “A Glimmer of H.O.P.E. – Healing, Optimism and Positive Energy” and third book “Obligated Emotions: Poetry for the Soul” shortly after.

She’s the CEO and Founder of The Minority Women in Leadership Commission, a nonprofit organization dedicated to mentoring and empowering young women to increase their leadership capabilities. She is also the founder and CEO of Modern Soul Sister Coaching and Consulting, LLC.  a spiritual wellness brand and holistic healing resource for who those want to take their life, love and careers to the next level wholistically. 

She has been the press secretary assistant intern for the U.S. Senate, a personal assistant for a Congressman in the U.S. House of Representatives, and became a graduate of The White House Project “Go Run” training in 2012. She is an influential young progressive who is passionate about: Health, Environmental, and Climate Policy. 

In the past, she has worked with Sierra Club as a Detroit & Great Lakes Organizer to help curb water pollution and increase access to clean water for all. Also, as an Environmental and Climate Justice Leadership Fellow with the National Association for the Advancement of Colored People, she helped to help create the first Climate Justice initiative. As an Climate Justice Leadership Fellow at the New Organizing Institute for WE ACT for Environmental Justice, she worked to implement an environmental justice perspective in the Obama Climate Action Plan. Also, she worked as an AmeriCorps Green Schools Coordinator with Detroit Public Schools and Ecoworks. In that position she help develop communication strategies, energy efficiency projects on energy, resource management, and nutrition, and manage utility bills to help improve student achievement, lower district cost, and improve the health of the district. She is also the Founder of the Detroit Environmental & Water Alliance, a community group dedicated to the pursuit of social justice – when it comes to clean air, clean water and a just transition for a green energy economy for all.

In 2010, she became a Council on Legal Education Opportunity Scholar at Thomas Cooley Law School by completing a Sophomore Summer Institute in high honors. She graduated with a B.S. in Women and Gender Studies, Public Law and Government, and Criminology/ Criminal Justice at Eastern Michigan University. She is an Empathic Intuitive and a credentialed doula with a heart for women.

As a Human and Civil Rights Activist, she served as the 1st Vice President NAACP Youth and College Division in Michigan and an Environmental and Climate Justice Youth Ambassador for the National Headquarters; and sat on the Executive Committee of the Sierra Club Michigan Chapter.

Her community memberships and involvement exist in many local, regional, and national organizations such as: NAACP Detroit Branch Silver Life member, National Association of Professional Women Greater Detroit Chapter, American Association of University Women, and the National Association of Women Lawyers Student Affiliate.

Follow Miss Dortheá Enriqúe latest projects:

The Minority Women in Leadership Commission

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Modern Soul Sister – Spiritual Life Coaching & Readings


Detroit Environmental & Water Justice Alliance 



HOPE for GREEN Academy




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