Pursuing Your Life Purpose by Falling in the flow of Alignment with the Universe…


There are great rewards that we can receive when we let life guide us on our path to purpose.

When you’re in alignment with your life purpose, moments and situations may seem to flow with a distinct pattern and insight without the force of our own hands. There are powerful occurrences that take place when we simply stop to allow them to. It is the wave we must ride, not pushing against the tides.

Allowing life to happen doesnít mean we are to take no action at all. In fact, it’s the opposite of what’s often said to be true. There is always footwork to be done. We have to meet life halfway.

The effort you put into yourself and the world around you is what will essentially be returned to you.

We have to recognize when an opportunity arises and then if it is fitting to our path, we must do the work needed to obtain it. Allowing life to unfold means we are creating adequate space for life to breathe on its own terms.


Soon we discover that we are surrounded by the appropriate people at the appropriate times. People, places, and things become almost precisely placed in our lives almost like actors and props in a play. We have the ability to embrace these moments and take with us the lessons we have learned.

When we let life happen we are admitting to ourselves that there is a universal force surrounding us and our capabilities, and the whole Universe will begin to shift in your favor.

Every move we make is part of the intricate makeup of our environment, emphasizing how important each of us truly is.

We can listen to this natural movement of life or we can turn a deaf ear and proceed into blindness, never seeking that which we were intended.

It is up to us to observe and participate in the orchestrated sequences occurring all around us.

Pursue your purpose with passion.

Trust the process.

Align yourself with the powers of the Universe, and it will conspire in ways to serve you. It is so✨


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