Top of the day Angel Tarot Reading: Five of Air

It’s time to reflect on your relationships. Is your heart open, or are you holding back? Your hard work and investments will bring great success. Choose wisely and be intentional with the connections you make in this season.

You’ve made unwise decisions with relationships in the past. But, learn what you can from those situations. Review everyone’s motives (including your own.)

The situation didn’t work out the way you wanted. But you can try again. Your power does not rely on how all the cards fall, but in how you handle yourself moving forward. Let go of the desire for revenge and take accountability for your own actions. Carefully evaluate the way events have transpired in order to gain valuable lessons for your future. Come from a place of integrity, and allow your desire to win become so strong that you eliminate all other distractions.

The past is already behind you. Now, pave a better path moving forward. It is so

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