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I spend much of my time researching, studying and listening to others. I’ve noticed that there is a trend of so many people are complaining about the lack of love in their lives… regardless if they are single or coupled.

Sometimes, we can get in the habit of unconsciously thinking someone else decided to take ALL the love out of our lives and then left us to fend in this world all alone. This creates a perception of loneliness.

Many people hold on to lovers who are already gone (physically or emotionally) or they begin to dream about a new partner coming into their life to give them everything they are not even willing to give themselves.

Some people live in a balance between hope and misery. They look for love outside themselves, as if someone will come to knock at their door, and take them away to live happily ever after in a paradise far away from their own reality.

Others are trying to survive in bad relationships and with people they are unequally yoked with, only holding their own greatness hostage. They live in fear and anger every day but don’t know how to get out of their own prison.

Do you know any of the following people I’ve described? Does this maybe sound like you? Do you feel lonely? Are you dreaming of the right one who will end all the misery you’re going through now?

The bad news is this will not happen.

The good news is YOU can find it within and finally feel loved.

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Let me explain.

All relationships are mirrors of how we feel within.

They show us the depth of our own capacity to love.

Life is like a building.

There are many floors: the ground floor, the basement, the first floor, the second floor and so on. The higher you go in the building, the more light there is. The lighter things are, the higher are the vibrations and most of all: the more love there is.

Picture this building of life in your “third eye.” See this building from a new lens.

In the basement, you will find the ones who are considered “low-life’.”

Here lives the kind of people who chooses to think about low energy thoughts.

They are the people who live in fear, hate, jealousy, doubts, low self-esteem, worries, anxieties, and troubles. We associate these folks with people who become murders, rapists, thieves, harassers, abusers and any other kind of human being that has made a life for themselves out of hurting others.

They live in this place and usually never leave this space. They will also drown the happiness of those around them, to keep them at a low vibration, so that they’ll never have to suffer in their misery alone.

On the ground floor, you will find most people.

In fact, this is where most of humanity lives. These are the people who are content with themselves by vegetating and surviving instead of living and thriving. They don’t think by themselves, they follow the crowd. They do nothing. They live like robots. They go to their jobs every day, come home every night, watch the same Netflix shows every day with a beer in one hand and potato chips on the other hand. They do not dream and aspire for much more. They are stuck in their lifestyle and think everything will always be the same.

Then you go further up.

As I said, the higher you get, the easier and the lighter life becomes.

Life IS easy… Life IS light… Life IS prosperous… Life is joyful. 

The basement, ground floor, and lower floors are all creations from the human mind.

We created these lifestyles by our heavy thoughts – thoughts about scarcity, fear, death, anger, sadness, revenge and so on. They have bad relationships – where struggle, anger, and negativity set the tone. They are not happy with themselves or anyone else. They maintain the illusion that everything is someone else’s fault outside of them. They grow stagnant believing they have either to wait for the other person to change, so their life will change… or they have to destroy someone else to have a better life. This will never give freedom or love.

So what to do if you want to move up in that building of life and live free and in love?

First, YOU have to make a decision. Yes, you have to decide WHERE you want to be. On which floor do you want to LIVE YOUR LIFE now?

Is it in the basement? No, I don’t think so.

Is it on the ground floor? I don’t think it either.

Let’s say you want to be on the 17th floor (elevating higher vibration.) But you feel you are at this moment in your life at the 3rd floor only (operating lower vibration.)

You hate your job, you have a lousy relationship with your partner, you’re in bad shape and your energy is low.

So you decided you want a life in the vibration of the 17th floor, where there is love, real friendship, positive expectations, inner strength, power, a job you like, health and wealth.

What to do? BREAK THE CYCLE… 

You decided where you want to be. What you will do now?

Should you wait until someone will knock on your door to take you there? NO WAY! It will never happen! Even if you would meet someone with an energy level of 17, he will never carry you from the 3rd to the 17th floor, because he will be exhausted.

It needs to be YOUR decision and YOUR action!

So YOU have to move yourself up. How?

Read! Read more! Read how you can create your life by changing your thoughts and your behavior!

Go to workshops where you can learn how to unleash your inner power. Use the wonderful information bank which is called the Internet and which offers you a bunch of positive information and e-courses (often for free).

Surround you with loving people. Learn how to love yourself.

So first you decide where you want to be.

Then you do whatever you can to get there, on your own.

You may ask the help, of course, you may find yourself a coach (which is really a good decision!) but don’t look for somebody to carry you.

You will fall down immediately the moment he puts you down. If you didn’t get there by yourself, it won’t last, it is not worth anything because you moved yourself up with somebody else’s energy and you are depending on his energy.

Once you get at the floor of your choice, let’s say 17, you will meet automatically people who vibrate at this level of energy. Energy-17 people. Loving, caring, wonderful people. People who feel good about themselves and who won’t allow others to steal their energy. They learned how to generate energy by themselves. They are not slaves. They are not dominators. They love and respect others.

Do you want to meet someone like that? Do you want to share your life with somebody who has a 17-energy (or more)? Go there! Go to their level and you will meet them, that’s a guarantee!

Move yourself up.

If you live in a bad relationship right now, and you do whatever you can to get yourself moving higher, you will see what will happen. Your partner, who is still vibrating on energy 3 or 2 or on cellar-level won’t be able to follow you and you will take separate roads. This is okay, let them be free to go. 

Don’t make the mistake of trying to pull someone up who wants to stay at his low level. You will never succeed. Especially women should be aware of this: don’t spoil your energy at trying to get others moving up with you. It’s a waste of time. Everybody should decide for himself.

Don’t carry others on your back, you will crackdown trying to build somebody else up!

Decide for yourself, go for it, and see what happens.

The higher you get in energy-levels, the better it will be.

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