3 Major Questions That Will Help Inspire Self- Discovery

In order to develop a truly healthy self, you must first aim to Heal-Thy-Self in a wholistic way. Holistic healing focuses on the entire well-being of an individual. The mind, body and spirit must be well balanced in order to achieve optimal health.

Many people have no idea of who they truly are. So, how can you heal some one you barely even know?

Too often, we fall into the frenzy and latest trends of what’s defined as “healthy” and further push back what’s in our natural, cultural and ancestral knowledge. Newsflash… You can be a Vegan and still be unbalanced, unhealthy and out of energy. You can exercise seven times a week and still lack the physical energy and endurance to defeat life’s trial and tribulations. Yes, it is true that a balanced diet and regular exercise contributes to a healthy body. However, that’s not all it takes. There is so much more to our fragile humanity. Each dimension and fiber of our being requires nurturing and nutrition in order to flourish, heal and survive. Self-discovery is the process in which you learn about your entire being.

Here are a few questions that can lead you to your path of Self-discovery. Write this is a journal and revisit in a month. Keep track of your progress and how your answering began to change.

1. How do you listen? 

  • When have you really listened to your body? your mind? your spirit?
  • When is the last time you listened to someone else?
  • What happened when you did?
  • When have you felt truly heard and understood?
  • Is it hard for you to listen to perspectives that are different from yours?

2. What do you choose to ignore?

  • Have you ever consciously chosen to stop ignoring something? your body? in your mind? in your spirit?
  • What happened as a result?
  • How do we stop ignoring things that might be helpful for us to see?
  • Are there times when it’s good or useful to ignore something?
3. What have you learned so far?
  • What is one lesson you would teach your children? How did you learn it?
  • Who is an important teacher in your life?
  • Is the life you’re living today aligned with the most important things you’ve learned?

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