8 ways to clear your home of bad energy before the new year

As we began to start a new year, starting back at One (the first day of the first month) and the introduction to another cycle of life and living, it is important to use this time in divine ways to let go of the old and make space for the new. Developing spiritual practices to remove negative thinking, energies and entities will bring about more love and light into your life. Here are a few ways to clear your home of bad energy and make room for all the good that will come:

  • Start with positive thinking 

Your mindset is everything. You can not develop a positive life with out a positive attitude. A positive attitude contributes to positive actions. Positive actions bring about positive results.

  • Burn incense and think of all things good 

Burning incense is used in many spiritual practices. It reminds your body to slow down and relaxes you. It also promotes the act of breathing deeply and slowly. This allows your heart rate to slow and in return relaxes your mind.

  • Sage your home 

Cleanse your home from all the bad energy and negative entities that you may have picked up in 2017 by saging your home. This act is used in Indigneous traditions and rituals to help with healing and clearing space. Sage is also an excellent source of fiber, vitamin A, folate, calcium, iron, magnesium, manganese, and B vitamins such as folic acid, thiamin, pyridoxine, and riboflavin. Breathing these nutrients in can also help revitalize and rejuvenate your energy to focus, get things done and in order.

  • Sprinkle sea salt in your home 

Sea salt is the key ingredient that is used in Holy Water in many Christian and Catholic traditions. Sea salt is known to ward off evil spirits and cleanse personal space. Sea salt contains energetic properties for protection and purification. After you sage your home, you can put sea salt in a spray bottle with water and lightly spritz down your walls. Also, sprinkle sea salt around your window sills and along the walls.

  •  Place crystals throughout your home

Crystals hold minerals and has many healing properties. As the late great Erykah Badu once said “crystals transmit mini doses of minerals into our pores when touched.” Everything is made up of chemicals and minerals. Scientifically, your body is a huge surge of chemical reactions happening all at once. Sometimes those chemicals become unbalanced. By placing crystals throughout your home, you’ll have healing energy throughout your atmosphere and immediate environment surrounding you.

  • Create your personal altar 

Your personal altar is your safe space. It is sacred. It is holy. It is anointed. Gather things you love and cherish most and place it along a small table or windsill. Use it as inspiration to honor your loved ones, remember your ancestors, and use this area to inspire hope and motivation in your life.

  • Place candle in every corner of home 

Candles bring light energy into a space. Also, try putting a few drops of frankincense and myrhh essential oils to your candles as a pleasent aroma and to invoke the power and anointing of Holy Spirit in to your home.

  • Sing songs of praise and worship

Music is healing. Praising the Lord, your God and honoring your higher self will uplift your Spirit. Take the time to worship and walk in gratitude for all things that God has done and in advance of what he’s going to do.

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