The 13 things I learned during my 3 day fast



There is great power  fasting. Fasting helps humble you. It teaches discipline, obedience and the beauty of sacrifice. I believe that anything you love requires great sacrifice. I decided to do a spiritual cleanse to refresh my mind, body and soul to embark on the new year, and show my gratitude for all things to come. By removing the distractions of consuming food for energy, I realized on my spirit to replenish me and sustain me. I read, wrote, and spent a lot of time praying silently while recognizing the beauty in all things around me. My 3-day fast ended at Sundown, 6:30 pm on December 3rd. There were so many lessons that I allowed the Holy Spirit to teach, show and reveal to me. Here are some of the divine messages that were revealed to me:

  1. You can have an ugly truth in a beautiful story.
  2. No one makes it out of this world alive. Live for something or die for nothing.
  3. You are not supposed to fight for love. You should stand up and fight with it. Anything that you have to struggle with to keep it, isn’t love. Love is organic. It happens naturally.
  4. No human being is perfect, and for you to place those kind of expectations on anyone, would only result in you hurting yourself.
  5. Give to others, not for rewards or glory. But so that many may see your Creator’s magnificence in you and praise the father in heaven.
  6. We are here to learn. Until you receive the lesson, the universe is designed to recycle that energy until the course is over.
  7. Man cannot live by food & water alone. Your spirit need to be fed in order to sustain oneself. You need purpose and the desire to live.
  8. No matter how small or insignificant an injustice may appear, you can’t let go without a fight.You must always stand up for your beliefs.
  9. There’s an inner knowing & intuitive guide built-in each of us.But you must sacrifice, remove distractions & tune out the outside noise to find it.
  10. If you don’t know who you are & why you’re here, life has no meaning. The greatest tragedy in life is to live without purpose. Take time to know thy self.
  11. In order to know God, you have to know yourself. Self awareness is a journey and without intention you could get lost in the wilderness.
  12. Every happy ending requires a painful middle.The happiness at the end of a story comes from the result of a turn of difficult situations.
  13. You must first acknowledge change is necessary to move forward.

Next on my spiritual journey, I am starting a prayer journal and a dream journal. As a Clairvoyance, God’s messengers speak to me through dreams and visions. The messages I receive are always direct and spot on. I have learned to trust that inner knowing and my intuition. My dreams are very vivid and usually have a deeper underlying meaning. I am also the person who people usually turn to in times of need for dream interpretation. I also believe that if you ask wholeheartedly with unwavering faith, you will receive. Faith allows you to proceed with action. Your actions will yield results and allow you to reap the harvest of your labor. Your prayer is a tool of direct communication with the God the Creator, his holy messengers and the Holy Spirit.

Ask yourself today, what are you willing to sacrifice for success? What habits do you need to break to achieve greatness? What noise do you have to eliminate in order to receive the divine message and clarity you need on your life’s journey?

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