My Journey to Self-Discovery – finding out my DNA Ancestry

Hello Loves,

I am so excited to announce my new year’s resolution to go on a journey of authentic self-discovery!

As a certified life coach, it is my life’s purpose to help others discover their inner most desires, aspirations and goals in order to make their dreams a reality. But the first part of radical holistic transformation is knowing exactly who you are. I am confident with who I am on a spiritual level but who am I on a physical level? Where do I come from? What kind of habits, trends, and cultural ideals flow through my bloodline? What’s in my DNA?

As a new mother, it’s important for me to know the answer to these questions as I begin to raise up the next generation after me. I want my daughter to be confident with who she is, the people she hail from and to know her cultural and ethnic background. I am quite sure my people hail from Africa as the result of the African Diaspora and slave trading in America but other than that, I am not sure. I am going on this journey to find my most recent ancestors for the past 100 years. I am going to travel the many countries my bloodline flows through and I am going to do this all with my daughter by my side.

My new Youtube channel is going to document this entire journey. I’ll also be sharing natural holistic remedies, meditation techniques, free live psychic readings, book reviews, poetry and more! Can’t wait to go on this journey of self-discovery with you! Make sure you subscribe to my youtube channel!

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