Announcing my daughter’s birth… my Princess is here!

It has been a week since I’ve given birth to my Princess.

She’s beautiful and full of random smiles. This baby girl has brought so much more purpose to my life with peace, love and joy. Not only that, but she has brought out the best of me. I’ve always been ambitious but now I aspire to do more. I aspire to be more. I aspire to achieve more. Because I want to give her more. I want to be able to give her all the things I’ve never had plus more.


My birth story

I went in to the hospital June 20th and went through 3 days of labor before we had to opt for an emergency procedure on June 23rd. My princess arrived late Sunday night at 7lbs and 5oz. The first thing I noticed was her wavy, curly hair and her big almond shaped eyes. She was stunningly beautiful. I cried in the dark, holding her close to my chest and thanking God for living through this experience and for giving me an opportunity to create another human being in this lifetime.


There are a few things I’ve learned about life from my maternity and her birth:

  1. Birth is a sacred and spiritual experience. You pass over death to bring life into this world. Nothing will ever prepare your mind, body and spirit for all that you’d endure during this journey. Brace yourself and try your best to take it all in as one big beautiful experience.
  2. Stress can cause physical and mental changes and damage the mood of things. Don’t be afraid to speak up when you are uncomfortable with (person, place or thing) and/or have a birthing partner that will do that for you.
  3. Eliminating all negative people, things and circumstances out of your life is necessary inorder to make room for the positive.
  4. You are your sister’s keeper. It’s important to surround yourself with other strong women during this journey. My best friend/ sister Latreace Williams was there by my side for the entire birth. If she didn’t show up, I would have been alone for the most part. I was strong because she kept me in good spirits letting me know that she will always be there. She distracted me and held my hands in the times of need.
  5. Being apart of life’s creation process automatically brings you closer to the Creator. God is real and omnipresent. Your intuition gets stronger. Your spiritual understanding grows more profound; and you tend to develop this motherly intuition early on that keeps you “in the know.”


I hope that one day she knows and understands that:

  1. Everything that I ever done was for her own good. My career choices, the causes I stood for, and even the people/places/ things I surrounded myself with over time was because I cared enough about her safety, security and well-being to make the necessary changes to give her a better life.
  2. I prayed for her and she was everything I could have ever dreamed of.
  3. I won’t be perfect but I will love her in the most perfect way. As her mother, I will always work on behalf of her best interest and put her first over all things.
  4. No one or nothing will ever come before the love I have for her. She is everything I need. She is everything I hoped for. I am so humbled to be her mother.
  5. “She doesn’t need need a crown to know that she is a Queen.” – LB (There is royalty and loyalty inside of her DNA.)


I love my daughter so much and I look forward to our many years ahead. I hope that we build an unbreakable bond over time and she’ll always see me as the woman who cared, loved and supported her no matter what. 

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