Becoming Princess Dorotheá Alexandria’s Mom, July 2017 (Behind the Scenes)

As I embark on this journey of motherhood, I’ve learned so much about myself. Becoming a mother has inspired me in more ways than I can articulate. This was absolutely the best thing that could have ever happened to me, at this pivotal moment of my life, I needed her more than anything else in this world.

She gave me a reason to live again.

I’m so grateful to finally have a love that I can call my own, a person who will look up to me and a child of mines to grow with. With her, my life is now complete.

Praises to the most-high for this blessing!

Dorothea is a name derived from Greek Δωροθέα (Dōrothéa) meaning “God’s Gift”. She is truly my gift from God and I can’t wait to meet her!

For my maternity shoot, I had a vision. I wanted to make true “Poetry In Motion” to describe my love for my daughter. I’ve been writing poems to Princess Dorotheá since late February and now I wanted to turn it all into a visual art form. All of this will be released on her due date in a published book to be released. It took me 4 months to find all the right clothing, makeup, backdrop props, and also the perfect location for my shoot. I visualized this every day. I wanted this to be perfect. I wanted this to be everything I could ever imagine…and it was. Everything in the photos was symbolic and held meaning behind it. I’m grateful that I had the opportunity to creatively capture my journey towards motherhood.

You can get a glimpse of my maternity project here:

A Real Holy Trinity ©

A Real Holy Trinity

Now I understand the kind of love that God has for its creation,
Mother Earth + Father God,
Allowed Her to be made in the image of pure Divinity…
My cup runneth over and my love for her overwhelms me.
She is mine’s and I am her’s…
Together, we are a sacred bond of when 2 come together there is Love.
God is Love. 

Love Flows Like Water ©

Love Flows Like Water
I will water her with love and hydrate her thirst for knowledge,
Wisdom will fall from her lips, as it always do with mine,
Her strength will be made perfect,
that will only be groomed from my brokenness.
Water is Life.
Because of her, my life will be remade anew.
She quenched my thirst for Love.
God is Love.

When She Is Born ©

When She Is Born

My daughter will know that her petals make her Divine,
She will be considered a true living Great of her time,
And as she blossoms, she will never stand to let her petals be plucked by careless hands,
Her melanin will glow from kisses of the Sun.
Her hair will defy gravity, 
and smile in curls and coils that are crowned towards the clouds,
My daughter will wear a crown…


Makeup: Dorthea E. Thomas
Creative Vision: Dorthea E. Thomas
Costume & Clothing Styling: Dorthea E. Thomas
Location & Back Drop Arrangement: Dorthea E. Thomas
Poems: Dorthea E. Thomas
Photos & Editing: Dorthea E. Thomas & CRJ (behind the scenes)
All rights reserved. Copyright 2017 Dorthea E. Thomas ©

Disclaimer: My original photo shoot was captured by Photographer Porsche Lee from Double Duece Images. However, the photos on this blog were all captured by my assistant CRJ and all rights are reserved personally to Dorthea E. Thomas. 

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