Let’s get ready to step into our royal destiny as Q.U.E.E.N.’s for 2016!

I’m inviting at least 10 other ladies to join me in gearing up for the new year, and going deeper into our purpose to help take our spiritual, personal and professional lives to the next level!

So I’ve been taking a “mini- break” for the last week, meditating on my vision for the new year, and going deeper in prayer. It is such a blessing to be able to stop and pause…and spend time with family. But in the process, I’ve been also prepping for this new project because I want it be something that changes and transforms every single woman’s life who decided to participate in the program.

I want this to help every Queen find her God Given purpose while in a supportive environment watching other leading ladies around her grow and change for the better as well. This is a movement! And I’m just thrilled for all who’ve decided to come hear about the challenge and start working with ME this weekend!

At the meeting, we will discuss the expectations and qualifications of joining the mentoring program that to help give back to young girls in the Metro- Detroit area. Ladies will also be invited to make your own vision board, mission statement and become an official ambassador of the Challenge.

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