Cutting Carbon: Curbing Carbon Pollution Standards

On February 6th, US CAN brought together a wide range of groups to discuss goals, strategies and activities as well as to agree on common principles and desired outcomes moving forward to help curb carbon emission standards for new coal- fired plants. All participants were encouraged to testify at the EPA public hearing on carbon standards for new power plants on February 6th.

The meeting began with an overview of the legal landscape behind carbon emission standards and the rule-making process for enforcing standards. The message behind the session was to help enforce “strong and enforceable standards that would result in a large reduction of carbon and in result a major increase clean energy will take a massive effort.”

Research states that a strong majority of the U.S. population wants to move entirely away from coal/ fossil fuels by 2030. In the past,  the Environmental Protection Agency  has shown broad support for setting limits on carbon pollution from power plants. Enforcing tougher carbon emission standards would make a positive impact on  public health, climate change, and for  jobs and the economy. US CAN message to the audience was that the best system going forward must maximize emission reductions. Discussion were held around the subject of Section 111(d) Plans of the Clean Air Act, and how the frameworks behind states could help a national opportunity to amplify, accelerate, and protect clean energy.

The whole idea behind the meeting was to help mobilize and keep constituencies around the idea climate change is real and that solutions and environmental efficiency is attractive.


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