The Shift: Women of Color in the Green Economy

Equality, Equity, and Environmental Justice!

In 2013, we can expect a shift in politics, education, and our economy. As a social entrepreneur, one of my deepest passions is to help develop new innovative ideas and strategies to help combat some of the world’s most challenging problems. Recently, I’ve created an organization to do just that. The objective of my endeavors are to address multiple social justice issues that communities of color and women are facing today and beyond.

Hope for Green stands for “Having Only Positive Expectations for Grass Root Energy and Environment Networking.” It is a network that educates and empowers young women of color to increase their leadership capabilities in the Green Economy. It is an intersectional approach of gender equity, education, increasing women’s leadership, economic development, and environmental justice. The Network officially launches Summer 2013.

Studies have shown that Environmental justice increasingly has multiple impacts on the lives of women and communities of color. In Michigan, a study was presented by Rep. Rashida Talib in November, and it reported that Black and Latina women along different parts of metro- Detroit were disproportionately suffering from rare forms of cancer because of exposure to toxins from coal burning plants. In Louisiana, I witnessed in my position as a Community Partner with Red Cross, a low-income single Black  mother lose everything she had over the course of a weekend because of intense flooding and the shrinking shoreline, while white families from Suburban areas with little damage were helped first handedly in hours. In Washington DC, many women who lived in lower-income areas suffered the intense flooding of Hurricane Sandy and had to call off of their demanding office jobs because they were stuck at home nursing their children back to health and restoring their homes to somewhat normal conditions.

During these economic times, it’s challenging for women to find a stable job with benefits that can actually support their family. We need to produce jobs right here in our Nation and protect the health our communities. My resolution in 2013 is to make sure women of color have equal access to jobs, education, and health. Stay Tuned for the movement!

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