Michigan Energy, Michigan Jobs Campaign!

At the Michigan State Conference, I had the opportunity to do a presentation at the Michigan Energy, Michigan Jobs Town Hall Meeting on behalf of the NAACP. In the presentation, I broke down the Michigan Landscape Analysis report and the different energy sources that contribute to our vast Economy.

Michigan utilizes a broad range of traditional energy sources, most notably: coal, nuclear, and natural gas.

Today, 61% of the state’s electricity comes from coal, 27% from nuclear, 8% from natural gas, and only 3.5% from renewables (biomass, solar, wind), and 0.3% from petroleum.

Michigan has no active coal mining and imports most of its coal from Wyoming. There are currently 14 major coal power plants in the state.

Michigan is the 7th highest net importer of Coal in the US, spending approximately $1.4 billion on coal in 2008.

Michigan’s energy landscape is shaped largely by relatively low-growth in projected demand, a strong renewable portfolio standard (RPS), extensive natural gas infrastructure, and great potential for increased generation of energy from wind and biomass sources.I support Proposal 3 because it creates more jobs in Michigan, by not only making but keeping the jobs at home. We spend 1.4 billion dollars a year on exporting coal from other states to create energy.

With renewable energy alternatives, we’ll create a diverse range of jobs from manufacturing to engineering and we’ll also build healthier and more sustainable communities for our state. This means more jobs, business opportunities, and better health.

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