Becoming a “YP4 – a program of People For the American Way” Fellow

My Regional training for the “YP4” –a program of People For the American Way

Fellowship was simply amazing yet dramatically life changing. I met so many different engaged, vibrant, and all around bright youth leaders. My connection and dedication to the progressive movement was definitely enlightened here. I was inspired by the dynamic staff, friendly fellows, and welcoming environment. I will be sure to nominate a young  person in the near future who exhibit the same qualities that each one of us shared: PASSION.  I learned so different many life lessons in this safe space. We shared intimate life stories about our diverse backgrounds and our desires to make a difference in the world. I can honestly say I have never met so many people in my life who I felt so connected with and that inspired me that much more. My love for Detroit became deeper as I evaluated my surroundings  and realized where I came from. I grew a sense of pride knowing the status of my city but my strength carried me to become the Harriet Tubman of my time. I even found a greater sense of self in the process.

Young People For is a program that identifies, engages, and empowers the newest generation of progressive leaders to create lasting change in their communities. This training was a basically a gathering of community and campus leaders who represented the Midwest region and beyond. They facilitated and moderated a series of thorough social justice workshops with diverse groups of people and created an inclusive environment for us to learn about one another. We related, debated, and then connected. I can honestly say this is a program that changed my life. I am a new woman with a greater focus, brighter goal, and sharper vision…


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