The Importance of enforcing Carbon Pollution Standards

NAACP at EPA hearing in Chicago, IL.

As the new  NAACP Michigan State Conference- Environmental & Climate Justice Ambassador, I’m a strong advocate of conservation and sustainability management.  If the Carbon Pollution Standard for New Power Plants are enforced, this could significantly reduce mercury, soot and smog pollution, announcing historic new emissions standards that combined could save 46,000 lives a year.

My grandfather had always loved to fish and enjoy the weather on bright sunny days. But, now he’s too afraid to go out for too long because of the quality of our air. After Years of fishing in the Belle Isle River and surrounding lakes, after coming across a fish infested with tumors & disease, not only was the love of his life and wife taken away from him but his hobby and quality of life was now shattered too.

Coal-fired power plants spew hundreds of thousands of pounds of toxic mercury into our air every year, which falls to earth in the form of rain and contaminates rivers, lakes and streams.

And it doesn’t take much mercury to have a big impact on our health.  Scientists found that a single gram of mercury can contaminate an entire 20-acre lake.

My grandparents done all they could do to raise me in the most loving, safe and up right way. One day, i wish to start my own family but I want to feel comfortable knowing that my children and family is born into an all round healthy society.Passage of the Carbon Pollution Standards will ensure that communities worldwide will not face new threats from plants that will degrade their health today and the future to come.

At least 1 in 12, and as many as 1 in 6 American women of childbearing age have enough mercury in their bodies to put a baby at risk for mercury poisoning. Mercury and other dangerous air pollutants are connected to extreme health problems: brain damage, learning disabilities, birth defects, heart disease, cancer and even pre-mature death.

Mercury impairs 3,781 bodies of water across the country. More than 6 million acres of lakes, reservoirs, and ponds in the United States are contaminated by mercury pollution.

With the help of the EPA and political backing, we can save 46,000 lives!As we our efforts to continue to constantly work closely with our allies in the public health community, lobbying key senators, and thousands of activists, we can stand up for our future, present, and generations to come.

The carbon rule prevents 123 billion pounds of carbon pollution annually. EPA’s proposed rule will help mitigate climate change and achieve immediate carbon pollution reductions from new power plants.

We must protect our families and create a sustainable society. Not only do I support the EPA proposal on enforcing new power plants to abide by these rules, but I hope existing plants shall also be in the  near future as well. Our people are suffering and dying slowly without any help or assistance. Something must be done. Finalizing a new standard to reduce carbon pollution is one of those things. This will save lives, communities, and the quality of life for all people to come. We must stand by investing to create healthy people in order to create a healthy economy in general.

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